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Researching Trending Products for Your Amazon Influencer Review Business

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Welcome to Fluencer Fruit’s blog! If you’re an Amazon Influencer or Seller, you’re in the right place. Our goal is to help you succeed with the Amazon Influencer program by sharing valuable insights and tips. In this post, we’ll discuss how to research trending products for your Amazon influencer review business to ensure you start making sales quickly and effectively.

Why Research Matters

Researching the right products is crucial for success in the Amazon Influencer program. By selecting trending products, you can create engaging content that attracts viewers and drives sales. The faster you make sales, the quicker you earn money. Plus, it’s fun to combine your passion with profit!

Finding Products to Review

Utilize OfferUp and Garage Sales

One way to find products is by searching platforms like OfferUp or visiting garage sales. These avenues often have hidden gems that you can purchase at a low cost and review on your Amazon storefront.

Reach Out to Brands

Don’t hesitate to contact brands directly. Send them an email explaining that you review products on Amazon and ask if they can provide samples. This approach can yield valuable products to review without any upfront cost.

Creator Connections

If you have access to Creator Connections, use it to get products sent to you. This feature is an excellent resource for influencers to connect with brands and receive items for review.

Long Tail Keywords

When researching products, focus on long-tail keywords that customers use in their searches. For example, instead of just searching for “neck fan,” try “portable neck hanging fan.” This strategy helps you find products with high demand and lower competition.

Using Fluencer Fruit’s Tool

Our Fluencer Fruit tool is designed to save you time and help you find top-selling products quickly. By analyzing sales data and ratings, you can identify products with high potential. For instance, a portable neck hanging fan with an 86 score and thousands of monthly sales is a great choice for a review.

Seasonal Trends and Keywords

Keep an eye on seasonal trends and keywords. For example, personalized Father’s Day gifts from wives or daughters are trending products around Father’s Day. By reviewing these items, you can capitalize on the seasonal demand.

Example: Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

Personalized gifts are popular around Father’s Day. Items like custom coffee mugs or unique gadgets can see a significant sales boost during this period. Look for products with high ratings and sales to review on your storefront.

Understanding BSR (Best Seller Rank)

Different categories on Amazon have varying sales velocities, and BSR helps you understand this. For example, a product ranked 53,000 in Home and Kitchen may perform differently from one in Toys and Games. Analyze the BSR trends to choose products that will sustain sales over time.

Creating Engaging Content

When creating your review videos, use the product listing details to craft your script. Highlight the features, benefits, and any unique selling points. This approach ensures you provide valuable information that resonates with your audience.


By researching trending products and understanding market demand, you can create compelling content that drives sales and grows your Amazon influencer review business. Use the Fluencer Fruit tool to streamline your research process and stay ahead of the competition. Remember, combining fun with profit is the ultimate goal. Happy reviewing!