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Starting with the why and driving with that motivation is one of the undeniable factors that contributes to success. Below are the things we believe both personally and as a company.
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  • We believe in non-influencer influence
  • We believe that the Amazon pie is growing and will continue to grow and it’s big enough for everyone
  • We believe you can have a schedule and a business that allows you to make income and take breaks as your family and your life change and needs to adjust to your schedule
  • We believe in sharing information that makes us stronger and more influential as influencers and does not give anyone a leg up by protecting what we know from other people
  • We believe that done is better than perfect, and learn as you go
  • We believe your business could be what you want whether that sides income or full-time or retirement money
  • We believe extra income can empower people to make better decisions in their personal lives
  • We believe helping others is the best use of our time and knowledge


How does the product scoring work?

The scoring is based on an in house equation that weights the product listing factors that have proven to impact video placement and commission.

How quickly will I see results?

As soon as you begin uploading products that meet the scoring criteria!

What does 50% off for life mean?

Exactly that! 50% off the extension for as long as you keep your subscription active.

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