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Discover Winning Products with Fluencer Fruit: Maximize Your Amazon Influencer Success

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Are you ready to boost your Amazon Influencer program success? At Fluencer Fruit, we specialize in helping Amazon Influencers and Sellers find products with low competition and high sales potential. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to identify trending products that can drive sales quickly, using real examples and insights.

Researching Products for Amazon Influencer Program

The first step in your journey is to find products with low competition and high sales velocity. Using Fluencer Fruit’s tools, you can pinpoint these winning products efficiently. Here’s a step-by-step guide to our process:

Example 1: USA American Flags

With Memorial Day and the Fourth of July approaching, the demand for USA American flags surges. This product category is a goldmine with high sales velocity and trending popularity. Here’s how we identified it:

  • High Scores on Fluencer Fruit: We look for products with scores above 70. In this case, American flags scored as high as 94.
  • Sales Data: One product has 2,300 monthly sales and maintains a daily sales velocity of 70.
  • Review Count and Quality: We target products with positive reviews (4.5 stars and above). One of the flags had 1,400 reviews, making it a reliable choice.

To create engaging video reviews, show the product in use. For example, demonstrate how to set up the flag on a flagpole. This visual content helps potential buyers see the product’s value.

Example 2: Garden Hose and Nozzle

Another great find is the garden hose and nozzle, perfect for summer. This product, available since January 2024, shows promising sales data:

  • Sales Rank: The BSR (Best Seller Rank) is around 13K, with 1,000 monthly sales and 21 daily sales.
  • No Influencer Videos: This product has no influencer reviews yet, presenting an excellent opportunity to be the first and capture the market.

When creating content, highlight the product’s features, such as its 10 different spray modes. Demonstrate each mode, emphasizing usability and performance. Incorporate customer feedback to showcase reliability and satisfaction.

Leveraging Product Reviews and Sales Data

By examining the reviews and sales data, you can uncover additional insights:

  • Consistency in Sales Rank: Products with a steady sales rank are likely to maintain their popularity.
  • Customer Feedback: Reviews often highlight key product features and benefits. Use this information to create comprehensive and informative video content.

For instance, in the garden hose example, customers appreciate the nozzle’s non-leak feature. Incorporating such feedback into your review can significantly enhance its credibility and appeal.

Exploring More Product Ideas

Fluencer Fruit’s tools allow you to dive deeper into various product categories. For garden hoses, you can explore different colors and compare their sales data:

  • Multiple Color Options: Review different colors (red, blue, green) and their performance. Create comparative videos to help customers make informed choices.
  • Branded vs. Influencer Videos: Analyze the presence of branded and influencer videos. If a product lacks influencer reviews, it’s a prime candidate for your next video.


By following these strategies, you can find winning products and create impactful reviews that drive sales. Remember, the key is to leverage tools like Fluencer Fruit to identify low-competition, high-potential products and produce engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Ready to take your Amazon Influencer program to the next level? Sign up for Fluencer Fruit today and start discovering products that can transform your business. Check the links in the description to get started and explore more ways to succeed with the Amazon Influencer program.

Stay tuned for more research videos and insights on how to make money with your Amazon Influencer journey. Happy selling!